Welcome to Palod Himson Machines Pvt Ltd.

HIMSON engineering business has been the core business of the Rs. 4.0 billion HIMSON group. Himson started its activities 50 years ago with only few looms to manufacture quality fabrics. Since then the group activities have grown from strength. HIMSON first concentrated on expansion in the loom shed and subsequently dyeing and finishing houses were added for further growth thought forward integration. Further lace and embroidery units were established as a move towards complimentary diversification. Till this time growth was slow and steady with focus only on textiles.

1978 Since then there has been no turning back and the company came on the fast track. But the real momentum to growth was provided in 1978, when HIMSON tied up with Earnest Scragg Sons Ltd, U.K. To manufacture Draw Texturing machines in India. Then they strategy was to get the best available technology from abroad and adapting the same to local requirements. This strategy has been paying well and has made the company and undisputed leader in synthetic yarn processing machinery . This has been achieved by capturing almost 85% market share in spite of big competition from leaders. Leadership in synthetic yarn processing machinery has been accepted by leading POY manufactures by placing large quantity of machine orders. Himson also enjoys high reputation for in-house research and technology developments . the real success is due to the efficient and prompt after sales services to the customers. Himson has captured more than 70% of the domestic market share to supply yarn machinery.